Sunday, February 27, 2011

Safari Adventure In Kenya

If you want to enjoy one of the best adventurous trip, you should visit Kenya in Africa. An African private safari is perhaps the best amusement you can fancy. The Governors Private Camp, which is in Masai Mara, Kenya, is a mobile private Africa safari an can satisfy your own pleasures. Here you can be pleased by the staff which is experienced and skillful. Masai Mara wildlife is definitely a true place of wildlife all over the world.


The animals in this area flow throughout the entire year. If you are lucky enough to take your private African safari sometime between July and October, the Mara becomes the backdrop for one the world's greatest spectacles. There are approximately 1.4 million wildebeest and zebra that surge up from the Tanzania's Serengeti plains for their annual search of their life sustaining seasonal grasses.

These animals sweep through the tall golden grasses and rivers in gigantic swarms. Their encounters with predators are a jaw dropping event on your African private safari. Your guides from the Governors Private Camp know exactly where to place you for that perfect view of one of the world's greatest wonders.


The Accommodations

The accommodations for this private Africa safari rival no other. With the backdrop of a colorful jungle and thousands of birds and butterflies, your luxurious accommodations are astounding. Elephants wander through camp at night and leopards call nearby. Your suites are luxurious African tents under canvas with a private veranda. You have your own bucket shower, a flush toilet and water basin. There is electricity and, believe it or not, room service.


The executive chef at the Governors Private Camp will see to it that every meal is of the highest quality.

Many meals are the wild game that you catch that day. The dining room is open with a view of the Mara River. You will experience three game drives daily and game walks on your African private safari.


The stories that you bring home with you about your African adventure will be priceless. Your memories from a private Africa safari will last a lifetime. And if your family is lucky enough to accompany you, the educational aspect is far superior to anything you could receive in a classroom. Kenya is the country to visit to experience the best of an African private safari.