Monday, August 24, 2009

Types of adventure traveling

These types of traveling will enrich your life and it opens a new world to you. You also can feel great pleasure from those adventure travels. First you should be ready to depart from your own comfort space. But you will face the cultural shocks or physical danger or any unexpected things. Above all, you choose to achieve something amazing through adventure travel. You may feel it by taking part in mountaineering, bungee jumping, rock climbing, trekking, rafting, mountain biking and zip lining. Each of these activities has different risks.

If you are careful enough, you may find there are many kinds of adventure tourism, such as disaster, ghetto tourism, social and jungle tourism. Also there are many adventure travel company helps and guides the travelers about the destinations. Travelers get sponsored by these companies for their entire trip.

In this article, we are going to learn about the types of adventure travel.

Disaster tourism is a type of traveling as a matter of curiosity to the area which was recently affected from any natural or manual disaster such as tsunami, earth quake, bomb blast or floods. It is all about involved in recovery operations, rescue and reliefs. Sometimes people travel to the disaster region to just collect the information and learn about the disaster.

The another adventure travel is jungle tourism. It's all about exploring to the jungle region of the earth. It is also called as green tourism in tropical destinations. People will form in groups and travel to the jungles in various part of the world, while they are going on the travel, they will do research about different living creature.

The trend and facilities have got nice improvements. Even the disabled can enjoy the adventure travel now days. Accessible tourism is another type of adventure travel especially designed for the physically disabled.

Ethno tourism is exploring to the culture and the behaviors of the local people in the foreign countries. This is mainly because to discover the non-scientific gain from the society. People will go the tribal areas in this Ethno tourism. The Ethno tourists often make their tribes connected. Sometimes it is associated with two types of issues, such as the possible of degradation or destruction of the unique culture or their language.

The most interesting adventure traveling must be take a trip to the urban areas and inhabitant lands. It is also termed as "Urban caving", "Urban spelunking" or "Building hacking". This tourism will give you various kind of risk, such as physical dangers and the possibilities of arrest and punishments.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Events And Adventures Review

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During January, Phoenix Events and Adventures has planned everything from a Fiesta Bowl viewing party to skiing and snowboarding in Flagstaff. Of course, for its athletic members, the Phoenix club plans a trip to the batting cages, several outdoor volleyball tournaments, racquetball, and yoga. Even more outdoor adventures include horseback riding at South Mountain and a great underground exploration at the Kartchner Caverns. Naturally, Events and Adventures will host its monthly icebreaker for new membersa comfortable way for "new kids" to get acquainted and begin feeling at home with new friends. And, as always, the Events and Adventures staff has arranged its customary array of fine dining and fun nightclub experiences for club members to enjoy. No matter what your taste or personal style, you will find lots on the January calendar to suit your discerning life style.

We are not a dating club, rather, we are both a social club and activities club all rolled into one. No dating site can rival Events and Adventures for both fun and safety. Events and Adventures screens applicants before granting membership, assuring your safety and guaranteeing the quality of your experience. Events and Adventures resources include tips on successful dating, and many new members find mentors to guide their first experiences within the club. Employing well-trained, experienced staff coordinators for every event who stress over every last detail for you. You need only focus on making friends and enjoying yourself - we will handle the rest.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Adventure Sports of Himalayas

Adventure and Himalayas are synonymous to each other. The adventure freaks from all over the world come to the Himalayan destinations for an exciting trip and quench their thirst of adventure and thrill. The enthralling sports offered in Himalayas are really exciting. Himalayan ranges are surely one of the best destinations for enjoying adventure sports. Perhaps, it is among most happening destinations for adventure in the world.

Skiing in Himalayas

Man has always been fascinated by the thought of challenging nature. His desire of curbing and controlling nature with a pinch of adventure is satisfied in the mesmerizing Himalayas. Skiing, the most exciting winter sport, blends the fun in snow and adventurous spirit of man together. The undulated lands of Himalayas have some of the best destinations and most famous winter playgrounds where skiing can be enjoyed.

Famous Destinations for skiing include:

a) Gulmarg
b) Manali
c) Kufri
d) Narkanda
e) Auli
f) Rohtang
g) Munsiyari
h) Dayara Bugyal

Mountain Biking in Himalayas

The most demanding sport for the adventurers in which they need to put in lot of physical effort is cycling and motor biking.

Whether riding a bicycle or riding a motor bike, the challenge is to climb the hills by the cycles. Through these rides, you can actually experience the local culture and traditions. Confabulate with the local and then start on exploring the virgin terrains of Himalayas.

The ever changing landscapes, increasing altitude makes it an ideal adventurous sport. Your holidays in Himalayas will be unforgeable because of easy pace of the ride, the pollution less environs, the lightly trafficked roads and the ride through the luscious greens and the wooden valleys.

Famous biking routes of Himalayas are:

a) Leh and Ladhakh
b) Tarai region of Uttranchal
c) Himachal Pradesh to Uttranchal

Camping Tours in Himalayas

The soothing ambiance of lush greenery, fresh and pure air, and no commotion are the features of camping in Himalayas.

Camping are the best way to wind out and relax in the lap of mother nature. Also organized are the Wild camps that can make us aware of the Eco tourism and preservation of natural resources. The impact of the green environs, pleasant countryside climate and peaceful atmosphere will be awesome.

Famous Camping sites in Himalayas are:

a) Chail
b) Sangla Valley
c) Tabo
d) Nainital
e) Chitrauli

River Rafting in Himalayan Rivers

Gurgling with tremendous water current, piercing the hearts of mountains and flowing immaculately to the plains, the Himalayan rivers are not only a pleasure to see but also a source of enjoyment as they offer great opportunities of river rafting. But the thrill is for the brave hearts. Adventurers enjoy the finest stretches of whitewater running in the world. Making our own ways in the flow of the river is very amazing and thrilling.

Rafting is possible in Himalayan rivers like:

a) Ganga
b) The main tributaries of the Ganga, like the Alaknanda and the Bhagirathi,
c) Spiti river
d) Brahamaputra river
e) Ladkah region

Himalayan Trekking

Trekking in the Himalayan ranges is one of the best ways to explore the local environs, verdant forests, exotic flora and fauna and experience the local culture of the region you are traversing in. Himalayan mountains are one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world and is counted among the best trekking regions.

Trekking in Himalayas can be divided into four regions:

1) Garwhal Himalayan that comprise of Dehradun, Taluka, Osla, Har Ki Doon, Debshu Bugyal, Rishikesh, Nandprayag etc.
2) Kumaun Himalayas that include Almora, Pindari Glacier, Bageshwar, Nainital, Maiktoli top etc.
3) Sikkim Himalayas like Bagdogra, Darjeeling, Yuksum, Bakhim, Dzongri etc.
4) Leh and Ladhakh Himalayas as Darcha, Palemo Zanskar Sumdo, Chumi Napo, Shingo La, Lakham

So next time when you plan your adventurous trip, do come to Himalayas and feel the bliss.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pamplona ? a Complete Adventure

Although bullfights may be the main and popular event in Pamplona, there are many more beautiful sights and places worth visiting. There are plenty of valleys and peaks intertwined with the ancient structures dating back to the early centuries. Eastern Pamplona Try the breath-taking Roncal Valley, which is surrounded by a few looming mountains, with peaks as high as 2000 m or the Salazar Valley, which houses a typical village against the picturesque mountain ranges for a nature focused excursion. Here, you will also discover the 13th century monument, Nuestra SeƱora de Musquilda, which is a Romanesque basilica. The town of Roncal holds some manorial homes as well as the more famous Mausoleum of Gayarre, a renowned opera singer. There are lots of activities to keep a visitor occupied during the winter in Belagua and Isaba, as these towns are well equipped with winter sports facilities. With the historical San Salvador de Leyre monastery nearby, this ancient building sits impressively on a big rock, housing the archbishop's seat and kings' tombs. Legend has it that the monk, San Virila, spent 300 years listening to some birds' beautiful singing as he was meditating. Today, you can also appreciate the sounds of the Gregorian Chorals monks, whose daily performances have enthralled many listeners. There are more castles and nature parks in this part of the region, which are full of history and great personalities from days of old. Southern Pamplona This part of Pamplona houses a lot of ancient palaces and has Renaissance relics in the old churches. For example, you will see wonderfully conserved fortresses in Olite, which once belonged to the Navarra kings. Many ancient structures here have been fortified and conserved to enable visitors to enjoy the full resplendent view of the region. This region has very fertile land, as it is nourished by the Ebro and Quelles rivers. Its Moorish streets and ancient cathedral, with Bardenas Reales Natural Park in the midst of a strange and dry landscape, make this place an interesting area to discover some historical and natural treasures. This is how Estella is made famous; although it is 900 years old, it still holds a historical importance as well being alive with fresh trout and eels, which find their way to the region's cuisine recipes. The Baztan valley is an excellent location to view the beautiful panorama of the valley, with the town Eliozondo right on the Baztan River. Way of Saint James Some of the legendary monuments can be located in this part of Pamplona, along the pilgrimage path. The Holy Ghost chapel, or Silo de Carlo Magno, was supposedly built in the 12th century but its origin is not ascertained; nevertheless, this chapel is placed above a cave, which has dead pilgrims buried. Similarly, another nearby chapel, Santiago Chapel, has a bell tower, which rings to assist lost or attacked pilgrims along the way. Folklore and Festivals The best and most popular festival in Pamplona happens in San Fermin, where its annual bullfighting event shocks thousands of spectators worldwide, via television. Hundreds of white shirted young men are chased, by a stampede of bulls, through the town streets. Challengers of this feat can end up in blood, sweat, and tears. This spectacular event happens on every July 7th, followed by a week of partying, festivity, dancing, singing, drinking, and all forms of celebration, making it the year's most adrenalin-flowing event. The region is full of other festivities throughout the year that celebrate some traditional or historical events. These celebrations are always lively, with traditional dances and songs. A special day is observed on June 24th where pilgrims from all over the region head towards a cave in Yanci for cleansing through the three springs. It is believed that the spring waters can cure illnesses miraculously.