Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adventures in the Himalayas

The Himalaya Mountains are the majestic and mystical crown of northern India. For every pilgrim that travels to India to bathe in the spiritual waters of the Ganges, there is an adventurer and explorer looking for extreme sports and thrill-seeking activities in the most famous mountain range in the world. Nevertheless, it is India after all, and even these extreme adventures have a Zen-like quality, as the snow-capped mountains and sweeping scenic vistas are transcendental. In India, extreme sports lead to extreme contemplation. It is certainly is not like bungee jumping at the local theme park.

Up in the Himalayas, the crowds and kaleidoscope of colours and noise in Mumbai or Calcutta feel like they belong to another country, if not an entirely different century. Trekking this mountain range, it looks and feels as if you have reached the outer-perimeter of the world.

Buddhist temples and Hindu shrines are tucked into the crooks of mountains, their roofs obscured in fog and bands of mist. It is a perfect balance of nature, religion and civilization. When India’s big cities are blanketed with heat and humidity, the Himalayas are cool and rejuvenating. From hiking and backpacking to rafting and motor biking, this rugged and beautiful section of India abounds with adventure activities. The Himalayas redefine the idea of the great outdoors, and a Himalayan tour is an ideal package for both the casual nature lover and the hardcore sport enthusiast.

If you are planning a trip to the Himalayas, then it is imperative that you plan your holiday according to the weather. The last thing that you want on your holiday is to be holed up inside your hotel during the rainy season, or unable to hike or camp because of the knee-deep snow.

June, September and October are the best months in which to visit the Himalaya region. These are considered the warm months. The temperature might be cold at night, but the hiking trails should be free of snow and easily passable.

The Great Himalayan National Park, located in the western state of Himachal, offers a wide and spectacular range of outdoor activities and adventures. You can set up camp, hike easy or difficult trails, go rafting or rent a mountain or motor bike. However, the most popular activity in the park is the safari tour. Pile into a jeep and a knowledgeable tour guide will navigate you through a range of natural habitats, where you will see everything from Bengal tigers and Indian lions to camels and elephants.

Whether you prefer mountaineering, hiking, skiing or mountain biking, the Himalayan region has something for everybody who has a taste for the extreme. Be sure to remember: just because you are a star athlete at sea level does not mean you are a pro in this type of extreme mountain altitude. The Himalayas are challenging, physically demanding and not for the faint of heart. However, by pushing those physical and mental boundaries you will be sure to reach that Zen-like state-of-mind.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Online Adventure Games - The Adventure Begins Here

If you are living in the 21st century then you are most likely familiar with online adventure games if not crazy about this computer adventure mania. This is by far one of the most influential innovations in the contemporary world gauging its massive and huge impact on people all around the world.

After all, if you do not know what these adventures in the virtual world are all about, you might be trapped in a time capsule for such a very, very long time!

Adventure games played via video games or online allows player to enter into a virtually different world where he plays a protagonist role in an interactive and fictional setting. The main objective and goal of many online games vary however these are commonly in lieu with exploration of puzzle-solving dimension.

There are both hall-of-famers in this milieu of virtual reality games just as there are new innovations introduced in the online gaming industry.

There are still changes to come but the only unchanging reality is that the frenzy for virtual games of adventure will perennially stay.

Black Mirror II

This is the sequel of the tormented Gordon family virtual game and the Willow Creek where you take a whole new approach and setting. The game still takes on the same toll and tale of fate, curses, murder and madness. In this virtual adventure, the protagonist is played by an American student named Darren Michaels.

Players of this virtual adventure game must link and figure out the vital connections of the protagonist to the series of events of the previous game on a quest. The journey inevitably links and traces back the lead to the haunting Black Mirror Castle where you are guaranteed addicting trysts from start to finish.

Wittard: Nemesis of Ragnarok

Are you ready to explore a mind-boggling world with myriads of twist and turns that will surely leave you addicted and wanting for more? This game takes the plot when the eccentric Baron Wittard, a key figure in the architectural realm created a special city within a building. The Utopia as it is called is the monumental pleasure dome which features hundreds of leisure facilities, offices, thousands of apartments and shopping mall.

In the turn of events, its momentous grand opening never took place which was supposedly scheduled two years past. Players are only armed with a torch and a camera to unravel the secrets lurking in this mysterious place and explore the gloomy halls to disclose a malevolent force within.

Dream Chronicles

This puzzling and mind-boggling online adventure games takes you to explore and solve the mysterious power that put the land of Wish under a grappling spell. Follow clues in subtle disguises to help Faye break the mysterious sleeping spell, find her missing husband and free the land from the evil fairy curse.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Adventure Traveling

Lots of magazines and TV shows talk about adventure travel these days. But what do they mean by that? I mean, almost any time you travel it can be an adventure. But to say it that way.... adventure travel.... it sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it?

People travel for all different reasons. Some people like to go every year to the same place... maybe a beach where they can just sit and relax with no worries. Get away from work. Sort of recharge their souls.

Other people are happier and recharge better when they are active and doing something exciting and new.

And there are real adventurers who like to climb mountains or explore wilderness areas where few others have gone.

I've read that adventurers need that adrenaline rush that comes with risk. Is that what it is?

Sometimes people say we are real adventure travelers, but I don't necessarily think so.

We love to go to new places. Just arriving in a new city without reservations can leave you a little anxious, but that kind of risk doesn't give you an adrenaline rush. A very close encounter with a Mountain Gorilla... now THAT will give you an adrenaline rush!

Adventure can be different things to different people. In the travel business, they usually mean some sort of travel that involves exploration or travel to remote or exotic areas... someplace "new" where not all that many tourists go yet. These adventures will probably get you a little outside of your normal comfort zone.

Travel agents will say that this kind of travel includes some physical activity such as trekking or rafting or cycling. You may be out in a natural setting... even camping some of the time. You may be interacting with other cultures... traveling over remote roads or through jungles. You might even stay with some of the local people.

You don't necessarily need to be camping out or backpacking to have an adventure. You might be staying in very comfortable accommodations, but spend the day trekking looking for jaguars. You might go on a walking safari instead of riding along in a land rover.

So you see, adventure travel probably has you doing more than just sitting on a beach. If you're going to sign up for an adventure tour, you will need to get the tour operator's definition of adventure... Ask questions like how far will you be trekking every day. Will you be camping out? Will you have to carry your own gear? How experienced are the guides in handling problems?

And... What is the "difficulty level"? A hike we took in the Tsingy in Madagascar came as close to rock climbing as I ever want to get... it was hard, but worth the effort. You have to make that decision for yourself on every adventure. So make sure the tour operator's definition fits with your own.... and that you're not getting more adventure than you're counting on.

Don't get all caught up in definitions. If the destination you're looking at seems like an adventure to you.... then it is adventure travel. Go for it.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Enjoy Adventure Germany Travel

Germany is one of the most visited countries. Berlin and other big cities are very popular. Adventure lovers can have a great time at Lake Constance, which is located on the border of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. 


Lake Constance has scenic views fed by the Rhine and sitting at the base of the Alps. It is one of the main sources of water for Germany. Here you will find your choice of hotels along the lake. Take a tour from the water by tour boat, enjoy fresh caught fish from the lake at restaurants in the area, and some of the famous German Beer. Hike into the alps and have an adventure that people have enjoyed for centuries.


Have you ever wanted to be a Duke or a Duchess? For up to four weeks you can be at Camp Buldern located in a genuine castle.

Here you will be staying at a real German Castle with people from all over the world.


You will stay and adventure travel around the scenic village, enjoy the park like grounds pond included, hike around the area, enjoy scenic views and learn a little german.


Travel along the Rhine in Germany and you will find an area rich in history and adventure around every turn. The castle at Wurzberg is on the World Heritage List it was partially destroyed during World War II. The castle was completely restored to its fine example of Baroque style. The frescos were repainted and paneling replaced it is a beauty. The gardens are done in english style and wandering about the grounds will take you to times gone by.


Adventure down the Rhine a bit further and you will find Wertheim a village where you will wander along cobblestone streets among half timber houses.

The Art of Glass blowing has been going on here for for generations. You will find it fascinating to watch as the artists create the fragile art pieces.