Friday, December 30, 2011

Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Orlando - Two Parks, One Place

No matter if you have come to Florida to escape the cold and stay warm, or just to enjoy the cool breezes; the time of year to visit Florida is not always relevant due to it's relatively close temperatures all year round, which makes perfect for places like the beach or theme parks. Well skip the beach today and head on over to Orlando, the Theme Park Capital of the World! Orlando offers many different competing companies who each host their own theme parks, however I am biased on this issue and I must say that Universal Studios has the, not one but, two parks that are best worth your time and money. Not only that, but the parks are literally right across the street from each other, making it easy to visit both parks in one day if you're able to land one of those Two Parks for One deals available, or just visit both over a couple of days. Alright, put on that sunscreen and pop that Dramamine, cause we're going on a non-stop hop from ride to ride, which in my opinion, are the most important aspects of a theme park.

We'll start off at the original Universal Studios which was made famous for "riding the movies". Overcome your fears and take each ride's terror with a grain of salt, because remember, it's only fake... or is it? We'll start off with the thrill rides that are based on some previous Universal films, such as Jaws! You've seen the movie, now take a boat ride out on the water where nothing is safe from the terror of the deep. Everyone thought he was dead, but Jaws proves he still very much alive and extremely hungry in this thrill ride for families and people of all ages. Like shoot 'em ups? How about slaying aliens? Working for the Men in Black? Well here's your chance to try and join their ranks by competing with your friends and family in a M.I.B. Training mission that goes wrong, pitting you up against evil aliens in order to save the world. The outcome of the mission/ride is determined by how high your score is, so become trigger happy. Earn enough points and they just might make you into an M.I.B. Agent!

Next, we'll discover the two roller coasters, my favorite type of attractions, which are located almost right next to each other for convenience. Venture deep into the desert, into the forbidden sacred temple, and unleash the wrath of the mummy! Fast, dark and scary, this ride becomes a sensory overload for anyone riding it for the first time where your adrenaline is pumping due to the combination of fear and excitement. This next ride drives people... crazy. The new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a roller coaster designed to push you to the limit with the insane speed, loops and drops of a roller coaster combined with fast rock or techno music that you get to pick. The entire ride is videotaped and can be viewed afterwards to see your shock and awe.

The park also has many rides and attractions for the entire family, such as the E.T. Adventure, Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast, Terminator 2 in 3-D, Shriek in 4-D and the new Simpsons Ride! So come on down to Orlando and enjoy all of the excitement with your family or a group of friends.

Our next stop is right across the street, and is by far, my favorite park out of any in the state of Florida. Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure has out-done itself and many other parks when it comes to making the scenery fit the theme of the rides of the areas it holds them in, and in this case, islands. Make your first stop to the Super Hero Island and take the job as a reporter in the Adventures of Spider Man, a 3-D motion simulator that takes your around the city as all of the Spider Man villains team up to overwhelm Spider Man and hold New York City for ransom. Jump to the sky and fall to the ground in Doctor Doom's Fearfall. Then hit up the Incredible Hulk roller coaster which I'm sure you saw on your way into park, screaming at rageful speeds. This is a must ride roller coaster for any coaster jockey, as you go from 0 - 40 miles per hour in exactly 2 seconds. Speaking of roller coasters, head over to the opposite side of the park at some time during the day and face the Dueling Dragons! Choose your side, Fire or Ice, and ride your dragon as you face off against the other, blazing right past the other dragon in this dual coaster phenomenon.

Other must experience rides are Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls, Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, and Jurassic Park's River Adventure. You will get wet and you will be scared, so be prepared! Some other family style rides would include The Cat in the Hat ride that pushes your mind to a whole new extreme.

A friendly reminder from myself, a well experienced theme park explorer, to always follow a few simple rules when attending Universal's Parks or any other Theme Park:

1. Always wear sunscreen. You will burn without it or the shade.
2. Keep hydrated. Florida's heat will keep you thirsty.
3. Bring extra clothes or a swim suit for those water rides.
4. Always pay attention to height restrictions for kids. These are for safety only.
5. Never ride more than you can handle. This will keep you from getting sick

With that said, I know you will enjoy your time in Orlando, especially when exploring these two fabulous theme parks at Universal Studios!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adventurous Holidays in Kerala

When one thinks of Kerala, one thing that comes to the mind is High Mountain, deep lakes, lush green vegetations, mesmerizing backwaters, wildlife and much more. This enchanting land provides adventurous enthusiast an opportunity to indulge in various adventure sporting activities like water sports, trekking, jungle safaris, backwaters cruise and many more alike.

Water sports

Kerala boosts a network of lakes, beaches, backwaters and several rivers that are the perfect sojourn to indulge in waters sport like Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Wind Surfing, Catamaran Sailing, Kayaking, White Water Rafting, Speed boating, Canoeing, Para Sailing and many.
To enjoy these sports one can head towards the beaches of Alapuzzha, Kovalam and Varkala. But before embarking on these activities one should take precautions as these activities can be dangerous for non swimmers.


If you are a nature lover, then Kerala tour to the hills is the game for you, where you can spend the day trekking and camping in the deep down forests of Kerala.

The rugged mountains and grasslands of Kerala are the best place to go for trekking enjoying the beauty that the place is blessed with, but the Tourism Department of Government of Kerala, allows trekking only in certain areas of Kerala which include Munnar, Periyar, Chinnar and Parambikulam. Jungle safari

When on Kerala tour, one should never miss a jungle safari to the deep tropical forests of Kerala. Blessed with wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, it gives you opportunity to see exotic wildlife at close quarters and feel the nature. Wildlife adventure in Kerala can be enjoyed in the form of Nature Trek, Jeep Safari, Tiger Trail, Wilderness Camps, Elephant Safari and Bamboo rafting. The jungles of Periya and Thekkady, are the best place to enjoy these activities to the fullest. Birding Tour

Besides the backwaters and hills, Kerala is also blessed with numerous national parks where you can enjoy the rare bird species. The national parks of Periyar, Thattekkad, Kumarakom and Munnar give you rare opportunity to enjoy birding along with natural serene environment. Book any of the Kerala tour packages that gives you full opportunity to enjoy the adventure activity according to your taste and expedition.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Zambia Safari - Adventure Holidaying

Planning a holiday abroad? How about a Zambia Safari! Zambia is located in the sub-tropical part of Africa. Zambia, earlier known as the ‘the real Africa' has been acknowledged as one of the most visited areas and the safest tourist attraction in Africa. Zambia is the home of Safaris. Zambia Safari covers around 19 national parks with almost 74 African tribes and has been favoured by seasoned safari travelers for many years.

The people of Zambia are very friendly and peaceful, making Zambia safari one of the most secure places to be visited by tourists. The native tribes are an asset for the tourist department of Africa for their friendly and well-mannered greetings. Zambia Safari has a legendary history of its walking safaris. The adventure filled walking safari is being offered by the majority of the Zambia safari lodges in most of the national parks.

Experiencing the amazing wildlife of Africa, a walking safari is a lifetime opportunity to experience.

The birdlife of Zambia Safari offers a fantastic opportunity for those people who love to take photos or for the hidden photographers inside everybody to show case their talent. South Luangwa National Park and Kafue National Park are some of the best safari locations for seeing spectacular birdlife. Blessed with wildlife, Zambia has a profusion of wild animals including elephants, lions, hyenas etc. Zambia offers a complete mixture of adventures including river rafting. Moreover, Victoria Falls in Zambia is a haven to rafters. From the extreme river rafting to the sedate, all degrees of rafting options are available for the tourists in Zambia. In short, for all adventure enthusiasts, a Zambia safari is no less than a dream come true.

Zambia Safari contributes in supporting the conservation of flora and fauna of Zambia for the benefit of the local people and ensuring a bright future to the Africa Wildlife. Besides, Zambia Safari commits towards taking care of the nature and its environment which helps Zambia give them their livelihood. Moreover, it also supports RATs and provides invaluable support against poaching.

The price to stay in Africa starts from around 50 per person. You can stay on a sharing basis depending upon your preference. You can arrive at this striking country by flight from Johannesburg, Harare or Windhoek to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. In addition, you can also take a flight to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and shift to travel by road over the Zambezi to Livingstone. Various airlines provide their services to Zambia. British Airways, Air France, Air Namibia, Emirates, Lufthansa, and Air- India help you arrange your flight to Zambia - the real Africa. So, if you are planning a holiday soon with your family, try a Zambia Safari.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Islands of Adventure Thrill Rides

The Universal Studios theme park in Orlando is another masterpiece of how they incorporate movie magic and how the fans can join in this magic with its rides and attractions. There are four theme parks to choose from namely Universal Studios Florida, Universals Islands of Adventure, the Wet n Wild Waterpark and soon to be opening The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Islands of Adventure. We would take a look right now on the Thrill rides you can find in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - One of the most popular superheroes has his own awesome ride right in the heart of Islands of Adventure. The Amazing Adventure of Spiderman is the pioneer ride that combines moving motion based ride, live action and a 3-D film all into one. As this ride takes you on an adventure where some of baddies of the Sinister Syndicate stole the Statue of Liberty and Peter Parker is the only person who can save everyone. This roving motion based simulator ride takes you along with Spiderman through the streets of New York, flying around tall buildings and of course diving through the streets below in a simulated 400 foot free fall. With this ride from your friendly neighborhood superhero, it would surely blow you away.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster - Once again Dr. Bruce Banner has created some of the most high risk rides in the Islands of Adventure. This roller coaster takes you from zero to 40 mph in a heartbeat. It takes you on turns on a weightless zero gravity roll. As you go through a lot of dips and dives in this less than 3 minute ride, you will suddenly feel like you have the power of the incredible Hulk right through this whole experience.

Jurassic Park River Adventure - Based from the Spielberg Dinosaur film, this river raft adventure takes you on a wild ride that you would never imagine. As it takes you from those harmless dinosaurs to the most hostile areas once you enter the facility. Of course the only way out of this mess is an 85 foot dive out of nowhere.

For the Best Deal on an Orlando vacation, Call 1-800-656-6005 to speak a Disney reservation specialist. If you are looking for Orlando Vacation Packages that save you money, our packages save you up to 40% on your Disney vacation. Our packages come complete with your theme park tickets and your choice of accommodations.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Florida Tourist Attractions - Islands of Adventure, Orland

Considered by some to be the best theme park in Orlando, Islands of Adventure has better characters than the Magic Kingdom, better rides than Universal Studios, better food than Holy Land and better architecture than Gaudi's cathedral in Spain. OK, maybe that's going a little overboard, but just wait until you get on that Spider-Man ride.

Island of Adventure is the sister park of Universal Studios Florida, and most information, including admission prices, is identical. However, Guest Services (407-224-6350), disguised as the Open Arms Motel, does not exchange foreign currency, Lost & Found can be reached at (407-224-4245) or by calling them directly.

Some of the rides include:

- Marvel Super Hero Island

This is a thrill-lover's paradise, with 2 of the most unforgettable rides in Florida. Comic book heroes and characters patrol this area, so keep an eye out for your favorites.

- The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man

After the space shuttle, this ride may be the coolest thing in Florida. Hop onto the combination roller coaster/motion simulator quickly - Spider-Man needs you now! Super villains rendered in state-of-the-art 3-D are on the loose (jumping on your car and chasing you around with giant electrical plugs), and it's up to you and your favorite web sling-er to stop them. I don't want to give too much away, so just know that this is a spectacular experience. You must be at least 40 inches tall and children under 48 inches must be accompanied by an adult.

- Doctor Doom's Fearfall

This is less scary than it looks, which is great for timid folk but a bummer for adrenaline junkies. You'll be shot up in the air, which will take your breath away, and then dropped - but gently, and not very far.

- Incredible Hulk Coaster

One of those coasters with a surprise twist, which might turn you Hulk green if you're just eaten! Watch that first hill, Dr Baxter!

- Storm Force Accelatron

Another barf-o-rama, this one's on par with Walt Disney World's Mad Tea Party - only in the dark. Good luck with keeping down your last meal.

- Toon Lagoon

Continuing the theme of superhero-comics, old cartoon favorite come into life here with spontaneous shows, midway games and a truly soaking water ride. There's just something indescribable about seeing Popeye busting a move in the streets.

- Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls

The confused Canadian Mountie has his hands full keeping logs jam-packed with tourist from hurtling over the edge of - oh no - a massive waterfall! Be warned - you will get soaked on this boat ride, which probably has the best design of anything like it

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Adventure Of Adventure Map


So we all need a vacation at some point of the year, yes? And we all need to plan this vacation, right? But, is this not all an aggravating chore? I mean, firstly you need to find a location, secondly, you need to find the accommodation and after all of this, what do you do for fun there? Where do you take the kids? After all, you might think it’s your vacation, but let’s be honest; you go to where your kids can have a great time and give you the well deserved rest you have been seeking all year.

This, my friends, is the dilemma I have sat with year after year with. And being the good soul that I am, I thought I would help you with making this tedious task a simple and maybe even fun one.

Yes, that’s right. There is hope out there!

This hope I’m referring to has a name. It has the places all over Africa you are searching for. It has the accommodations you are looking for. It even has all the activities in the regions you are visiting. But best of all, it has all this and more on one website. Wait for it....wait.... here it is: Adventure Map!

I discovered this as I was searching and searching through countless sites. Sites that want subscriptions, credit card details and endless masses of redundant information. The beauty of Adventure Map is that there are none of these nuisances.

Of course, if you wanted to, you could create an account to get their news feeds and even write reviews. Obviously I did this. It really is brilliant. Simply log on, check out the area you want to holiday in, and there you have it. From there on it’s as simple as buttering bread. The area you plan on visiting will have activities for you and your kids, as well as attractions in the area...imagine that. No hassle, no dreading planning the vacation, just simply logging onto a site that has all of these options at your disposal. And my fellow planners, it’s so simple to use.

So next time, when you would rather plan to go to the in-laws because there is less hassle involved, remember to take this information to bed with you!