Sunday, February 20, 2011

Puerto Vallarta Adventures

Puerto Vallarta today is a well known tourist destination admired for its beautiful beaches and fishing experience. But not very long ago there were hardly any people who would have heard about this beach city located on pacific coast in Mexico. It was only after few Hollywood movies were being shot here world came to know about this paradise on earth and ever since millions have visited this city.

Currently Puerto Vallarta is amongst the top tourist destinations worldwide. Puerto Vallarta is blessed with wonderful weather which is just perfect for a holiday. The geography of the area has jungles, mountain ranges, wonderful waterfalls, rivers which continue to attract tourist from all over the globe.

City of Puerto Vallarta is located on Bandera’s Bay, which is the biggest natural bay pacific has to offer.

This strategically located city is most fabulous destination for fishing. Different species of fishes are available in abundance off the shore and promises to offer a life time fishing experience. Some of the popular species of fishes found here are: marlin, tuna, rooster tail, Dorado, mahi mahi, bass fish, red snapper etc. A number of other varieties of fishes are also available here year round.

This place offers a unique combination where one can choose to fish in Sea, river and Lake. Over the years the city has also developed a very good infrastructure and facilities required for fishing. Tourist can arrive here with minimum of baggage and they can get all the necessary fishing equipment and gear locally in the city.

Visit to Puerto Vallarta can never be complete without visiting the downtown city and experiencing its wonderful local culture and cuisine. Puerto Vallarta organizes much tourist festival and you should just check from your hotel travel desk if one is going on at the movement.

There is so much more to do here than one can actually think. Often many bird lovers are found to be headed here as this destination is habited by more than 350 species of birds. Local handicraft work is also amazing and it won’t be a bad idea to grab a souvenir from the downtown market.

Over all Puerto Vallarta is one destination with so many different activities on offer, making it an ideal place to spend your holidays.
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