Friday, February 4, 2011

Adventure Tours in Rajasthan

The spirit of adventure and bravery has always been a prominent part of life. In the days of yore, hunting was the major source of excitement for the people. Pitting their wits against the most ferocious of animals was considered a challenge. Wrestling was yet another outlet for those seeking a show of strength. Today times have changed but the search for adventure still remains. So if you're driven by the call of adventure, come to Rajasthan.

The royal land of Rajasthan, besides being a state of culture and heritage, of fantastic forts and grandiose palaces has another ace up its sleeve- that of being a destination for adventure tourism. With its alluring expanses of Thar Desert and myriad wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, Rajasthan is an ideal for an adventurous holiday.

Camel Safari - Ship of Desert

Rajasthan invites you to feel the adventure of a Camel Safari, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert.

In places as Thar Desert, it’s the only means of transportation in remote areas. The most popular and obvious safari to explore the bewitching beauty of Rajasthan is the Camel Safari. Known as the Ship of the Desert, the camels will take you to the remotest parts of the Thar Desert, where you will find yourself at the threshold of a never explored wonder land.

Elephant Safari - Ride like Kings

Riding an elephant takes you back to the royal era, when only the kings use to ride on these majestic beasts, since nothing can even compare with the majesty of the Pachyderm. Equipped with a howdah, a large seat on which tourist can sit, complete with soft silk cushions, and with a ceremonial umbrella over the riders head, modern day elephant safaris may lack in comparison with the ones that use to be done by the kings.

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan

Jeep Safari is yet another popular and peculiar form of safari like Camel, Horses and Elephants.

The Safari not only refreshes but brings one close to nature while driving through the quiet and beautiful countryside of Rajasthan. Jeep safari is relaxing but rough filled with adventure and excitement on comparison to Camel Safari or horse safari.

Trekking on Mountains in Rajasthan

Trekking is one of the most famous adventure sports in Rajasthan. The mountain ranges of Rajasthan promise breathtaking and exciting trekking trips. The rugged beauty of these lofty mountains attracts travelers and tourists from all over the world. Lying in the west of India, the topography of Rajasthan varies from sand-dunes of the desert to the lofty hill ranges of the Aravalli which makes Rajasthan a trekker’s paradise.

Wildlife Adventure in Rajasthan

You will be surprised by Rajasthan the land of Contrasts, at every step. An extraordinary variety of fauna and flora have flourished across the highly varied vegetation in the large state. Rajasthan has a number of wildlife Sanctuaries and National parks which draw thousands of visitors from across the world.

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