Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wandur National Park Adventures

Established in 1983, Wandur National Park also known as Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is spread over 12 islands in Andaman and Nicobar which lies in the Bay of Bengal.Just 30 km away from Port Blair, Wandur is ranked amongst the best marine parks in the world. Tropical climate is prevalent in Wandur with rainy season from May to September and November to December.

Marine Life:

Tourists and visitors do get amazed by the marine life which is found in and around Wandur National Park. You are sure to experience a different world altogether once you take a plunge inside the crystal clear waters of Wandur. Amazing variety of fish from yellow butterfly fish, green parrot fish, silver jack to blue damsels can easily be found here. About 135 coral reefs exist at this place from over 1000 which are found worldwide.Coral reef which can frequently be found all over the park include Brain, Antler, Finger, Vase , Plate and Leather coral.


This park is thick in vegetation making it a natural habitat for wild animals.

A large variety of animals can be spotted at Wandur from Andaman wild pigs to bats to spotted dear to civets and more.Reptiles like day gecko, king cobra, krait and pit vipers can also be found here. The beaches at Wandur are filled with varied turtles from the largest in the world the Leatherback to Hawksbill to Olive ridleys the smallest of them to Green turtles. This park also boasts of a crocodile sanctuary where several estuarine crocodiles can be spotted bathing in the sun.Exquisite birds like Roseate Tern, Black-napped Tern, and Sooty Tern do find a habitat at this wildlife sanctuary. Coconut crabs also find a breeding ground on the beaches of Wandur.

Recreational Activities:

Andaman Water Sports Complex: Once you are at this sports complex you will surely be amazed by the number of activities that are in store for the visitors.From aqua-sports like Windsurfing to Sail-boating to Water-skiing to Speed boats you name it and theyve got it. An amusement park is also situated here offering rollercoaster rides, pleasure rides along with fun filled activities for the young ones at the Childrens Traffic Park.

Snorkeling: This island park is one of the best snorkeling destinations as you can explore the under-water marine life by taking a plunge into the clear waters and view the rarest varieties of corals.

Camping: Camping facilities are also available at the park where tourists can view the beautiful seas while enjoying the sun, enjoy the breeze at the pristine beaches and view the sunset in the evening.

Scuba Diving: Wandur is the ultimate scuba diving destination where you get the ultimate experience of under-water marine life.You get to explore large varieties of coral reefs, rare and beautiful fishes and the mysterious under-water world once you take a plunge into the crystal clear waters of this park.

Trekking: You can explore Mother Nature at its best by just trekking through the dense forests of this beautiful island park.There are various trekking routes but the best is from Mt.Harriet to Madhuban.