Monday, July 11, 2011

Ayers Rock Adventure

Ayers rock is one of the seven wonders of the natural world, having been slowly sculpted over the last 55 million years. It is 986 ft high and is made entirely from sandstone, but the visible rock is in fact just a small part of a rock that sinks almost 2500ft into the ground.

The name is in fact a name from the earlier part of this century, with its original and present name officially being Uluru. However, the name is likely to stick around for a very long time. The rock itself is located in central Australia, and is around 280 miles by road from the nearest large town, Alice Springs.

Ayers rock is a national icon of Australia, if perhaps second to the Kangaroo. However, it is a world famous landmark and has obtained a UNESCO world heritage site status. Car hire in Ayers rock is very worthwhile, as there are many special viewing areas accessible by road which allow easy access to the many caves, springs and ancient paintings.

Ayers rock car hire viewing areas are also carefully positioned to give you the best views, and if you stay for sunrise or sunset you'll notice how the colors magically change with the different color lights hitting it.

If you do decide on car hire in Ayers rock make sure you are suitably equipped. UV levels are extremely high most of the time, and temperatures have been known to hit 45°C in the peak of the summer, and dip as low as -5 °C on the harshest winter nights.