Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some Great American Adventures

There have been few more eagerly anticipated sequels, with the ever increasing developments in technology it seems there is no better time to release a follow up to the eighties classic, Tron.

The first game was a surprise hit, latching on to a prominent cultural zeitgeist, the modern phenomenon of the video game. Certainly it seemed a risky endeavour, with a seemingly specific target audience its appeal could have been limited, yet it was a tale that was received by a great many.

Perhaps it was to do with the burgeoning cultural interest that the video game was attracting. While Tron may have seemed a full on fantasy in its day, it has also served as a fine parable perceiving the bloodthirsty future of video games.

As they depict gladiatorial battles between players, could the producers of the original Tron ever conceive such games as Grand Theft Auto.? There also seems something pertinent here in regards to the increase in video game based discourse in the papers, the distance between reality and these interactive video games has become more blurred and more questioned in contemporary consciousness.

So now almost 30 years later it seems like the perfect time to reignite the story.

As the technology of video games has surpassed even the expectations of the original film, it seems only right to update the franchise. As yet the sequels and editions to the Tron film legacy has only been expanded in the video game medium and this is its first cinematic update.

Of course along with the sequel there is the inevitable accompanying video game, this, after all is the age of the Game of the movie, in which stories are milked for all the franchising they are worth, and video games are very fertile form of merchandising.

But this particular Tron is primed with an unprecedented hype machine.

Firstly the advents in 3d technology are already exciting fans, and this movie is primed to mark an even vaster development in the facility. But even more exciting to fans is perhaps the buzz surrounding Disneyworld attractions. With its license owned by the Buena Vista entertainment, Disney own all the franchising rights, meaning if the film is successful enough there may be some Tron attractions coming to Disneyworld.

While the film is soon to be released after a year's worth of buzz generating, with a trailer developed and competed by the beginning of the year it seems Disney have been happy to sit on the Tron and let the anticipation build.

The world wide release is scheduled in for mid- December with the film set to hit cinemas for a Christmas time release. Yet there will be advanced screenings in Florida, which has lead many fans to book advance Disneyworld vacation homes, in order to see the movie first.

The plot follows on from the first film, with Jeff Bridges' son coming to find him in the Tron universe, only to find the world rapidly developing as they try to escape.