Sunday, July 25, 2010

Adventure In Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the most sought after adventure destination in India. For people looking for some real action, Ladakh should be on the must-visit adventure destinations. Following are the sports that are commonly done here.
Youd be surprised but Ladakh alone has more than 5000 treks. The deserted land is blessed with such amazing natural trails, the adventure thirsty can never have enough to discover and explore here. Trekking is the highest rated adventure activity here. Novices, expert expeditionary all can enjoy trans-mountain treks. The journeys are pretty exciting, given the fact that discoveries of rare animal species should be expected.

River Rafting
River rafting is the second best adventure activity you shouldnt miss if you come to Ladakh. The rivers Zanskar and Indus provide perfect rapids and gradients for rafters of all sorts. The best season to raft in the Indus/Zanskar is between the months of July and September. If you are new to this sport then you should try the stretch going from Spituk to Karu. If you are experienced and are looking for a tough challenge then the stretch between Spituk and Saspol can give you those thrills.

Mountain Climbing
You can indulge in exploring Ladakhi Mountains on your own. There are such huge mountains here and climbing them can be such a delight, you will return back feeling elated. The best time to mountain climb is between Mid May and Mid October. Ideally June to September is what most will suggest. Before coming here, make sure you have the permission from Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi to do climbing in Ladakh.
Extreme adventurers come here on bicycles. Bicycles lets you explore places and experience them closely. Much can be explored on a cycle. You can go gompa-hopping, visit the local villages, interact with the locals there, and stop and gaze at the mountains to your hearts content. Make sure the cycle is perfectly serviced, carry all the necessary tools that you might need in case of emergencies. The best time to come here cycling is between June to Sepemtber. One of the famous routes that people choose is the 64 km stretch of Leh to Alchi, or 45 km Leh to Hemis road or Marhi to Manali or Jispa to Gondla road.
Not many know but Polo is popular in Ladakh. It is a summer sport and Leh polo ground is the place where many get together every Tuesday and Saturday. Polo tournament is a very interesting part of the Ladakh Festival which takes place in the first half of September.
Camel Safaris
Camel safaris is also a sport that people enjoy in this land of mountains. You can not do whole lot sitting behind a camels back. This can be like a days activity, or maybe a few hours. It can be one of the things you do while you are here. Mostly Hunder in Ladakh is the place where you can get on behind the Bactrian camel.