Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fishing Adventure in Canada

Recreational fishing is one effective stress reliever. Other than the health benefits offered by low cholesterol fish protein, fishing gives an endorphin-like effect to the fisher which helps improve his mood and relieve stress. A good fisher should know the best place to go to start the adventure. It would also be best if you can find a place of rich resources where you don't have to wait for a day to catch one fish. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated and stressed. In most temperate climates like in Canada, you can find a suitable place to fish and you can get it easy. Fishing enthusiasts know that the best destinations are the lakes and rivers in Canada.

Canada's reputation as a renowned site for recreational fishing is incontestable. The country is dotted with thousand of lakes teeming with freshwater fish. Recreational fishing in Canada is regulated though.

One has to have a license if he is over sixteen and has to be accompanied by a guide or adult if under sixteen. Professional hobbyists know that securing a license is nothing compared to the fun and thrill of catching salmon to walleye to steel heads, sturgeons, chisel mouths, basses, mullets, trouts, carps, perch, pike and a lot more.

A good number of lakes and rivers in Canada are perfect for recreational fishing like Lake Superior in Ontario. It is considered the largest lake on the place. Though it is a little bit saturated with commercial fishers, it will not hurt to try how great it is. Another lake is Huron which is perfect for enthusiasts who want to spend longer days fishing. There are communities in the area which offer services like rentals and guides. This place is also known for angler fishing. There is also the famous Lake Erie which is considered to be most productive because of its warm water. It is also known for its walleye fish. It's also hard to forget about the smallest of the lakes, Lake Ontario, that seldom freezes during winter because of its depth.

If you are not going "big time", Lake Nipigon is just located north of Lake Superior. It's as perfect as the "big four" of the lakes. As the list of lakes continues, you can find choices like Lake Simcoe in Southern Ontario, Lake Sinclair, Great Slave Lake, Lake Okanagan, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Louise, Shuswap Lake, Mackenzie Lake and the Lake of the Woods. Of course, there are others to choose from. You can also choose to be in small rivers and ponds which are suitable for picnic and camping. Whichever place appeals to you, it is always worthwhile to try one in Canada.