Thursday, May 17, 2012

Get Tickets For Arabian Nights & Islands of Adventure

The Orlando dinner show Arabian Nights is well known for its delicious and gastronomic dinner menus. People find it very interesting for the opportunity to have dinner with the show. This enchanting show of Prince, Princess, Knights and beautiful horses is the perfect blend of different plots and subplots. The main theme being the true love story of Princess Scheherezade and the Prince, the climax of the story end up at the wedding ceremony of the prince and the princess. Such concept is collected from the esteemed text of Arabian Nights. Have the Arabian Nights Tickets in hand and see its majestic plays.
The arena of Arabian Nights has 1,200 seats for the audiences. The three course meal of dinner includes a salad, rolls, cocktail and mocktail. Prim rib, chicken, chopped steak and other delicious items include in the main course meal. However, the gastronomic elements like salads, seasonal vegetables, etc. And finally wedding cake serves as a dessert for all.

The Islands of Adventure offers some exciting place for adventure. All of the five islands of the Islands of Adventure have a common place for entrance which is known as port of entry. The market and shopping places have surrounded the port of entry and among them the most significant icon being the Lighthouse, it is said that this concept has been taken from the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria. The island can be termed as the eater's paradise. Unlike other theme parks of Orlando, this island has only a least number of rides but the dining and eating venues can be seen in a great numbers.
It will be worth enough if we discuss briefly about the five islands of the Islands of Adventure. If you want to be in Islands of Adventure, buy Islands of Adventure Tickets.

Marvel Super Hero Island is the real abode of the marvel comic book characters. Have a splendid water adventure of Toon Lagoon. Jurassic Park is well known for its dinosaurs and other kid friendly entertainments. The Lost Continent presents the creatures of Greek mythical lore. Seuss Landing is the children's zone for entertainment; they can experience the rides like the cat in the hat and enjoy with the comic book characters.

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