Thursday, March 15, 2012

Universal Studios: Island of Adventure

Are you planning to fly down to Florida to enjoy your annual holidays? Have you thought about the places you will actually plan to visit on your holidays? Well! In this case, you may visit 'Island of Adventure' - a place where you will find a collection of all your favorite legends, myths, cartoon heroes, comic books, and such others. Being a part of the Universal Studios Resort, this entertainment place has so much to offer to everyone. What more? You will find world's best known roller coasters here. So, if you are an adventurous soul and love to challenge your limit, the magic of Island of Adventure will clinch you to Florida. So, why wait? Start your unforgettable journey to five islands, Seuss Landing, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent, Toon Lagoon, and Marvel Super Hero Island. Enjoy the magic of these different islands along with riding on set of exclusive rides.

Five Islands of Island of Adventure:
Seuss Landing - You can visit your favorite Dr. Seuss characters and enjoy their whimsical tales right in front of your eyes.
Jurassic Park - The largest of the five islands, Jurassic Park is famous for its unique dinosaur fun. It is a great place where science is used as magic to bring back to life.

The Lost Continent - Enjoy a journey into time with epic legends and ancient myths.
Toon Lagoon - This hilarious place means so much fun to everyone. Come here and get an assured funny time with your family.
Marvel Super Hero Island - This Island offers a place where the world's greatest Super Heroes fight with the world's most diabolical Super Villains.