Friday, October 21, 2011

All About Adventure

In our time, an era where the internet holds vast amounts of incessant information that overwhelms us each day. Where you can no longer seem to find a forthcoming site where things are just as simple as extracting the information you need without having to leave your credit card details. These are the times that you wish for simplicity and tradition. Now some of you might already be shaking your heads at us "traditionalists" but let me tell you, it probably didn't just fall into your lap either.

Just before I plan for a trip, I start getting worked up and terrified of the journey that lays ahead, and I don't mean my journey to my dream destination, I mean the journey it takes for me to locate and sustain the exact locations and activities I plan on  indulging  in. It feels like I need a holiday from my holiday planning. Now, my point is, booking accommodation after going through the hassle of finding it can be tiresome.

Sometimes you can't even get around to locating and booking activities (things to do) nearby or at the destination you are bunking at because of all the stress and time consuming research you are doing on your destination. Some of us don't always know where we want to go to. We just know we want to get away. And that, my friends, is how I stumbled across Adventure Map.

Yes, I expect you also heard the drum roll. My reasons for sharing this vital piece of knowledge, and trust me, it is vital to us "traditionalists", are numerous. But my main magnetism to it was the simplicity. You simply log onto , click on activities, accommodations or attractions, whatever suits your needs and viola! You have a variety of accommodations, activities and attractions.

That wasn't even the best for me though. The best part is that no matter where in Africa you are, you have the map to show you where the activities and accommodations are. No mess, no fuss, and no stopping to ask for directions. Everything is simply a click away. If you are unsure of the place that groped your attention, well then, you can read a review or simply write one yourself.

I never knew there were so many different types of activities let alone a site that covers both the accommodation and activity locations, descriptions and contact details.

It really is a brilliant site, one that had me pondering, "Are some people just trying to waste our time and money whilst making us feel like we need a degree in mastering the arts of technology?" or "Why didn't something as great as this happen to me when I planned my very first holiday?"

Do yourself, friends and family a favour, plan using Adventure Map.