Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Adventurous in Tenerife

The small Canary Island is home to many attractions and during the winter months the resort changes beyond recognition. Although beach goers, seen during the summer months, are still present the rock climbers also come out to play. In recent years the island has been identified as one of the best places in the world to go rock climbing during the winter and that reputation has gone global. The island is easily reached by people looking for adventure and above all it is incredibly warm, making it one of the premiere winter destinations.

The island is not only popular for its warmth and the accessibility. The area also offers some amazing rock climbing and Mount Teide is a great place for bouldering, abseiling and climbing. The industry in the area has also increased during the last few years and there are now several mountain climbing shops with guides ready to show you the way to some of the best climbing in the world.

Tenerife has undergone some heavy redevelopment in the last couple of years. All the old bolts have been replaced to make the routes safe and access to the crags a lot easier. There are now over 900 routes on the island, spread over 20 individual crags. Climbing in the area is accessible to all levels, from beginner to advance, so anyone can take advantage of the many climbing activities on the island.

The national park and Mount Teide offer both ramblers and climbers the chance to explore this lunar landscape. Neil Armstrong once described the harsh volcanic landscape as the closest thing to the lunar landscape. The area has also been used as the backdrop for famous films including Star Wars and Planet of the Apes. The mountain, which is an extinct volcano, offers not only a playground for adventure seekers but also offers some of the most stunning landscape around. Many walkers look to the island for walking, especially during the winter.

The island is also popular with bird watchers who are keen to spot many of the famous birds which inhabit the sky in and around the island. The warm weather is also popular with the people looking for birds, as the climate is popular with many species during this period.

Beach goers also flock to the region in the winter due to the mild climate. With hundreds of activities on offer it is easy to see why the island is so popular with so many people. Between October and November, the average temperature is a comfortable 22-24 Celsius.

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