Monday, March 14, 2011

The Golden Triangle Adventure

Thankfully, there’s no parallel that one can draw between the Bermuda Triangle and the Golden Triangle but there’s as much intrigue and adventure in the latter as there is with the Bermuda Triangle and some added good news is that while you will lose yourself in this mesmerizing journey of the Golden Triangle cities, you will be found, hale, hearty and above all utterly happy that you signed yourself up for a Golden Triangle Tour. Now in talking about adventure, Golden Triangle Tours promise you the works in terms of mountaineering, river rafting, treks, day and night jungle safaris and camping. But there’s adventure lurking in the Golden Triangle cities as well and you can sign up to discover that.

Capital gains

An ideal place to begin your adventure is the city of Delhi. To any outsider, including an Indian visiting Delhi for the first time, unearthing the charm of the city is a great adventure in itself.

India’s capital city promises to be the Mecca for food, monuments, events, people and shopping. What’s most charming about this city is how it’s a canvas of both old and new. So you can step out of an uber chic boutique hotel and tumble into the narrow, musty lanes of one of India’s oldest markets, Chandni Chowk.

You can catch an aerial view of the city in Delhi’s local version of the London Eye and juxtapose that with staring up the Qutub Minar. And that’s just the beginning. Every nook and cranny of Delhi has a historic narrative that will willingly unfold as you spend time there. No adventure is complete without a dash of love and romance and this is where a trip to Agra, the golden land of the Mughals fits in.

Love all

Agra was once the capital of the Mughals, which is probably why they showered the cities with architectural wonders. India’s greatest contribution to the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal, is nestled in the centre of the city and although there is nothing typically adventurous about admiring the Taj Mahal from different angles and at different times of the day, it’s what you experience on seeing the Taj Mahal that counts as an adventure. Most tourists are transported back in time when they hear their tour guide narrate tales of how the Taj was build against the backdrop of treason, untold love, sacrifice and the undying endeavor of one single person. But it’s not the Taj Mahal alone that boasts of evocative beauty. Agra has its share of forts and palaces talking of which no other state in India is as endowed in fortresses than Rajasthan.

Sandy memoirs

Racing up and around the sand dunes spells adventure in capitals but an added plus in Rajasthan is that you can add as much punch to your adventure as you desire. From discovering its remote and exotic forts to exploring its vibrant and legendary palaces there’s a quest and surprise hidden in every inch of this state.

Few associate cities with holiday adventures but truth be told, there is something absolutely adventurous in cities and in city life.