Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Pembrokeshire Adventure

How would you like to spend the holidays in Pembrokeshire on an adventure trip? The UK will allow you to do just that. This maritime country in is a great destination for adventure enthusiasts and tourists alike. A country that is bordered by the sea on three sides, there is a myriad of holiday activities that are worth the trip for the adventurous-type and even for the average tourist. Holiday cottages UK are available all over the area.

Beaches in and around Pembrokeshire

Taking into account the fact that the country is surrounded by sea, the mix of towering limestone cliffs and high winds make these locations ideal for surfers, and parasailing enthusiasts alike. Magnificent swells along the coasts cause surfers from all over the world spend their holidays in Pembrokeshire here to experience this first-hand.

Places like Whitesand Bay, an award-winning beach has been labeled as the best surfing beach in Pembrokeshire and one of the best beaches in the world, of course there will be holiday cottages UK available here as well.  These are not the only things to do at the beaches on your holiday as many of them are located in secluded coves with amazing sunset views, places like Freshwater West Beach. A short but welcome break from your hectic lifestyle, right here in Wales.

Land and sea

Holidays in Pembrokeshire have always been well known but not just because of the more recent addition of theme and amusement parks. Aside from all the available Holiday cottages UK, the land itself is full of grand formations like towering seaside cliffs, beautifully carved picturesque hills and landscapes and even naturally formed petrified forests.

These are a special treat as many holidays are spent by visitors gazing in awe at the rock formations of fossilized trees, plants and creatures formed over the millennia. Mostly short stumps of ancient trees can be found at the break of the tides. This is a sight that is truly an experience in itself in Wales.

Historical treats

The UK is littered with a vast amount of history. For Holidays in Pembrokeshire, nothing would beat a scenic cruise around the countryside with your loved ones and experiencing history by visiting all the vintage castles, forts and cathedrals in and around the countryside while spending your nights on hillside holiday cottages UK. One town in particular Narbeth, plays quite a high profile in Welsh mythology. It contains the former Town Hall, the Wilson Museum, ancient castle ruins and several art galleries. If you want to spend a holiday in Wales, and in Pembrokeshire in particular and away from it all in a land of deep history, this would certainly be the place.

Theme and amusement parks

Not only is this country littered with natural wonders all over, but many have decide to make it a place filled with quite a number of amusement and theme parks that pull visitors for holidays in Pembrokeshire by the thousands. Theme parks like Oakwood, attracts over 400,000 visitors each year and that is mainly because of their rides. Thrilling white-knuckle rides abound in this park like Hydro, Speed and of course Megafobia. This is where people fall in line to experience gut-wrenching rides to make their holiday a truly unforgettable experience. Then they fall in line all over again and the UK couldn't be more proud of this small country as it is known around the world as a true family holiday destination and stay in holiday cottages UK.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Norwegian Cruise Adventure

When looking into cruises for 2012, keep your eye out for Norway cruises – particularly if you’re after a real adventure. Norway cruises also offer the best way to experience the stunning Norwegian fjords -as you’ll get to sail directly through them.

A really unique place, Norway is where you can truly immerse yourself in natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes.

As well as marvelling at the sheer beauty, you can look forward to experiencing an adventure of a lifetime in Norway too. You’ll have a multitude of activities to choose from, including dog sledge trips, snowmobile safaris, kayaking, mountain hikes and glacier hikes.

Ports you may visit on your Norway cruise…


The second largest city in Norway, Bergen leads the way to the mesmerising fjords region.

Bergen’s also home to a world heritage city, which was built on the site of an original Viking settlement - it’s bursting with historic sites; the most famous site is Bryggen.


An old city in the centre of Norway, Trondheim was the first Viking capital of Norway. Boasting a rich, cultural heritage, the city’s main attraction is its numerous wooden buildings, including the Stiftsgården Palace. During your time here, a visit to the famous Nidarosdomen Cathedral is a must.


Destroyed by a fire in 1904, Ålesund was rebuilt in a decorative Art Nouveau style.

That said, the Art Nouveau museum situated in Ålesund is definitely worthy of a visit.


A city in the very northernmost part of Norway, Tromsø is a very charming Norwegian town. Situated just 400 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the starting point for many Polar expeditions. A popular tourist spot in Tromsø is the Polaria Science Museum.


Hammerfest is the world’s most northerly town. Its latitude means that the sun never sets here between May 17 and July 28 and never rises between November 21 and January 23. It’s a truly remarkable place.

The North Cape

If you go on a cruise around the North Cape you can look forward to seeing some of the world's most amazing scenery. The nearest village to here is Honningsvag - the world's most northerly village - which is situated well within the Arctic Circle.

And, if you want to experience the natural wonder of the Northern Lights, then a Norway cruise is definitely for you. And, as luck would have it, winter 2011/12 is the best time to go…  

NASA’s Prediction

Yes that’s right – 2011/12 really is the best time to go according to NASA. In fact, NASA has predicted record northern light activity for winter 2011/12. They have confirmed that it will be the strongest in 50 years. So it goes without saying, now is the perfect time to venture to Northern Norway to see them. When it comes to the places in Norway to see them, Tromsø is one of the best areas – as it is situated in the very northernmost part of Norway. If you don’t want to miss out on seeing the magic of the northern lights, then get searching for Norway cruise deals 2012 today!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nigel Gifford Adventures

“Nigel has been at the forefront of adventure, exploration and expeditions for the last 40 years” He has a unique relationship with Mt Everest, having been a high altitude climber on the successful expedition in 1976 that put two SAS soldiers on the summit, as well as leading his own expedition to the remote Lho La of Everest through Tibet, and organizing the first Everest Skydive which introduced freefall parachuting to the Himalayas… An Everest trilogy without comparison. As an entrepreneur, Nigel brought the Merrell Outdoor Footwear brand to UK from the United States establishing Merrell as the undisputed top European footwear brand in the mid 1990s. It still holds that position today. What he learnt, and still learns, from the world of adventure he often applies to business risk assessments, strategies, tactics and what he calls “guerrilla marketing”.

Nigel has written books on the planning of expeditions and adventures (notably Telegraph “Adventurous Traveler”) and has been a consultant editor to “Geographical”, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. He was instrumental in the structuring and launch of BS 8848 the British Standards Institute’s benchmark for fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities. In October 2008, he organized the first skydiving from 29,500ft in front of Mt Everest with the international skydivers landing on the highest drop zone in the world. This adventure received more media coverage than any Himalayan expedition since the first ascent of Everest in 1953 projecting Nigel late in his career into the limelight.

The place for adventures.. Find out more about Nigel Gifford Skydive Everest