Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nigel Gifford Adventures

“Nigel has been at the forefront of adventure, exploration and expeditions for the last 40 years” He has a unique relationship with Mt Everest, having been a high altitude climber on the successful expedition in 1976 that put two SAS soldiers on the summit, as well as leading his own expedition to the remote Lho La of Everest through Tibet, and organizing the first Everest Skydive which introduced freefall parachuting to the Himalayas… An Everest trilogy without comparison. As an entrepreneur, Nigel brought the Merrell Outdoor Footwear brand to UK from the United States establishing Merrell as the undisputed top European footwear brand in the mid 1990s. It still holds that position today. What he learnt, and still learns, from the world of adventure he often applies to business risk assessments, strategies, tactics and what he calls “guerrilla marketing”.

Nigel has written books on the planning of expeditions and adventures (notably Telegraph “Adventurous Traveler”) and has been a consultant editor to “Geographical”, the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. He was instrumental in the structuring and launch of BS 8848 the British Standards Institute’s benchmark for fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities. In October 2008, he organized the first skydiving from 29,500ft in front of Mt Everest with the international skydivers landing on the highest drop zone in the world. This adventure received more media coverage than any Himalayan expedition since the first ascent of Everest in 1953 projecting Nigel late in his career into the limelight.

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