Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adventure Holiday In Mauritius

Have you ever thought of spending an adventure holiday in an island paradise? If yes, then Mauritius may appeal to you. Your holiday in Mauritius could be the experience of a life time, as you can participate in exciting watersports and zip through the trees, only to return after a day of excitement to your luxury Mauritius hotel. And if you do not want to do anything energetic, you can go to the pearly-white beach and the sparkling Indian Ocean.


Under the Sea

Ever fancied riding a scooter under the sea? Well you could have your first experience on a Mauritius holiday. One of the most entertaining activities you can do in Mauritius is to go for a ride on a sub-scooter. Mauritius has introduced the world's first underwater scooter, where holidaymakers can scoot about in the Indian Ocean, three metres below the water's surface.


You are lowered into the water in a bubble, where you can breathe freely and feel safe in the knowledge that a trained diver is looking out for you.

You will also be attached to a buoy bobbing on the surface, so your exact location is constantly clear. Scooting under the sea, you can watch the colourful Indian Ocean fish swim by, and feel like you're part of the marine life. Sub-scooting is definitely a different and exciting activity when on a Mauritius holiday and is a fantastic way to discover the underwater world if you are not a Scuba diver.


Zip-Lining Through the Forests

If you've ever had a fantasy of being like Tarzan and swinging your way through a forest of trees, zip-lining on your Mauritius holiday could be quite an experience.

After a few days of relaxing on the beautiful beach and enjoying spa treatments at your Mauritius hotel, you can venture inland to a place called Cerfs Volantis, where a sugar-cane plantation awaits you.


Here, you can experience the rush of zipping through the trees, as the gurgling river and pretty waterfalls churn beneath you. Fully strapped and harnessed in, this sport is safe and fun, allowing you to discover Mauritius' inland beauty. As you zip through the trees and over the river, keep an eye out for beautiful places to swim. And when you have a rest between your zipping stints, you can swim in the river and beneath the sparkling waterfalls. After a day of excitement such as this one, your Mauritius hotel will be a welcoming thought, where you can sit at the bar as the sun sets over the ocean and relive the exciting stories of your day on holiday in Mauritius.