Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventure Travel In Australia

Adventure travel developed as a segment of the tourism market during the latter half of the 20th century out of the more general traditional notion of outdoor recreation. Adventure travel differs from from earlier forms of outdoor recreation, however, in that it offers travellers greater opportunities to experience specific physical activities (eg. rock climbing, diving, snow-boarding, kayaking, abseiling) that involve greater levels of skill and, within acceptable limits, risk. With traditional outdoor recreation, the primary attraction is the specific setting: with adventure travel, however, travellers are attracted primarily by the activities offered. Adventure travel is therefore primarily associated with travel products where the primary purpose is to engage in activity and participatory experience rather than the more passive sightseeing associated with traditional outdoor tourism.

The travel industry has evolved considerably since the 1970s.

Changes include sociodemographic shifts which have seen a growth both the disposable income and available leisure time of many travellers. Travellers generally have become more discerning, have more travel experience, and have come to enjoy the benefits of cheaper, more convenient transport and other technological advances. As a result, substantial changes occurred in the demand for international travel products. The 1990s saw rapid growth in the evolution of specific segments of the tourism market including ecotourism, nature tourism and other special interest tourism which catered for the new breed of sophisticated traveller with both the means and the will to travel.

While travel costs will always remain a significant factor in decision-making for most travellers, the notion of tourist satisfaction is today of increasing importance. Increasingly, travel products must provide something other than simple value for money to attract tourists pursuing deeper, more satisfying purposes. In short, new patterns in travel choices have emerged to accommodate a much greater spectrum of travel interests, activities and experiences. Adventure travel today is increasingly the travel mode of choice for sophisticated travellers seeking to experience a holiday rather than simply sit in a tour bus passively sightseeing.

The increasing interest of many travellers in actively experiencing their holiday has also been matched with a rapid expansion in the range and quality of travel-related equipment available, extending the capability of tour operators to deliver more diversified adventure travel products. Australia has been at the forefront of these developments, and adventure travel is now one of the fastest-growing travel market segments in that country. Continuing to grow in their scope and appeal, it appears today that the variety and availability of adventure travel products for a broad spectrum of abilities and interests and abilities is almost limitless.

In Australia, the notion of adventure in travel is inextricably linked to that of the Outback. This means that true adventure travel is more likely to be found away from the comfortable, urban east coast, and in particular away from the area located south of the Brisbane-Adelaide line where over 80% of Australians live in urban and suburban settings oblivious to the geographic, climatic and cultural realities of the majority of the Australian continent. High on the list of authentic Australian outback adventure travel destinations therefore are Central Australia and the Northern Territory, far north and western Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. The island of Tasmania also provides many exciting opportunities for adventure travel in unique wilderness areas.

Quality outback adventure tours in Australia are characterised by many factors, including the use of four-wheel-drive vehicles rather than buses, access to spectacular remote sites, provision of challenging adventure activities, and active hands-on participation in daily routines. The use of 4x4 vehicles typically allows tour operators to access more remote, difficult and spectacular country. By encouraging active participation in daily routines such as cooking, cleaning, setting camp and packing up, adventure tours engage travellers in the complete outdoor adventure experience rather than simply waiting on passive participants hand and foot.

But the real adventure element provided by the best quality tours takes the form of specific adventure activities ranging from bushwalking, rock climbing, swimming, snorkelling, fishing, sailing, through to more extreme activities such as diving, canoeing, abseiling, jet-skiing, quad riding, white water rafting and hot air ballooning.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adventure Is Not Courage

A modified motorcycle rushed through the streets with strong power. Suddenly, a car turned over, and the motorcycle cannot control its speed. An accident happened. The person who rides the motorcycle flied and then fell down on the car. Ten minutes later, ambulance arrived. When they prepared to put him on the stretcher, he refused. Because his motorbike was forbidden to drive on the road at all, he had to pay the money to people of car. It sounds pretty miserable, but thinks it over: he knew that motorbike could not drive on the road; he could understand that he needed to undertake the problems; he knew it was easy to have an accident. But he still had driven out, and just wanted to enjoy the short time.

In the life, you may pay attention to many people who always try to feel out the underline of thing which was not allowed.

Until the problem appeared, we knew that needed to forbid at first. The young man who caused the accident; a boy who got into trouble; an adult who liked to take a risk, all of these people have the treasonous mind. So they hate to keep the rules. In their eyes, the rules and discipline are the line to truss people and make people have no personality.

When they meet a thing, they will try to find out the limitation of it, and then to decide which style they will choose to deal with. At the process of trying, when they touch the underline and accept the necessary punishment, they will never touch it any more in a long time. Sometimes, you want to return back, but you find that there is no way to walk.

We always despise that people when keep the discipline and we think that actions of them are timid.

You would rather to lose something than to under the arms of parents. You would rather to be an adventure man than to be a frank man. Actually, the adventure is not the courage. When you take a risk, you will find you have no confidence to finish it. You have not found the power to support your belief. You will if only you know that what you want; who you are and how to do, you can really have capability to survive in this society.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Adventure Duffel

Are you the adventurer? If that is a yes then there are so many things that fickle mind can do. Most of us may think one destination to another just to settle our curiosity; some is for the thrill of the unknown. One thing is definite that is the thrill and the adrenaline rush. 
Excitement is one good thing that most people lack nowadays, with the routine and the sedentary lifestyle most middle-class individual face, we tend to get bothersome and bored with all the daily routine we are facing.


We take pride for the things we have accomplished, and there are also things and remnants of those small picturesque details on how we overcome the obstacles.


Going away on an adventure that needs you to pack half your life into a suitcase? Going away on a survival mission means being prepared on what to face. This would eventually mean bringing every single thing necessary for both comfort and survival.


Don't fear the load when you can get the adventure duffel. This adventure and lifestyle travel companion can help you pack everything you need without worrying that anything won't fit. Now think of those things that you find it necessary to bring. While thinking about it piles up like a huge mountain and there is the challenge on how to shrink that thought to accommodate and make that into something handy.


The Adventure Duffel The sandwich style packing of this duffel bag is complemented by a lightweight locking trolley system, making packing and carrying easier. The duffel can be converted into a single compartment so you can pack all your clothes and things together. Its rugged wheels and ballistic nylon construction make it resistant to stress. This way, all you need to worry about is how to climb that mountain or swim with the whales.


Worry free and less the thinking while on your favorite escapades. There will always be the untold challenge that you have to face just to elaborately tell the story that you have conquered and achieved something tangible, charge it to experience is a nice way of saying it but it would also be nice if it the statement goes this way


“I tried, I conquered and lived to tell the story all in one piece” Carpe diem and at the same time enjoying it without the hassle of over thinking on what to use.





Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rab Jackets ? Adventurous Store

The word trekking often relates with walking through various mountains, hills, valleys and lakes. You will be definitely excited on hearing about a trekking plan. This is enjoyed by almost all age groups especially the one who are adventurous in nature. There are lots of things to be taken cared of before moving for trekking. You cannot go just like other holiday trips by filling your bags with all the clothes you have.  You should be well prepared both mentally and physically for trekking. There are certain things that must be taken without fail. If you are going for more than one day, there will be a need to spend the night hours on the way near some flatten area. You will have to build small tents to accommodate all the people.There is a requirement to get outdoor clothing equipment and other instruments like axe in order to build the tent. You should have warm clothing to protect you from severe cold weather.

There are many jackets available on the market that are specific for these use including the rab jackets which gives you complete protection from severe conditions. Apart from this you should have boots that are flexible with high grip on the trekking areas. The selection of shoes must be done with at most care as it should provide complete flexibility in moving around through irregular path ways without losing your balance. Your travel bag must be enough to accommodate all your equipments and at the same time you should feel comfortable in carrying the bag along your shoulders. It is necessary for every one to have their own travel bag equipped with all the eatables and water as you may not find any such things once you have started your venture.

You may come across various plants and trees on the way which is unknown to you. There are possibilities of getting hurt by scratching on some thorny plants on the way. In order to protect yourself from any allergies and other poisonous plants, you should be well equipped with immediate medical facilities. You should also make a point to take all the prevention vaccinations before your trekking date. Some of these vaccinations are taken more than one time at regular interval of time which makes the complete course. Traveling to each location will have its own specific medical aid. You should make all these arrangements for all the people in your group ahead of your journey. There are many such companies providing complete package including the medical aid for all the trekkers and footprintsglassgow website is one among them. You can definitely approach this firm any time for any aid related to any adventurous trip.

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