Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adventure Is Not Courage

A modified motorcycle rushed through the streets with strong power. Suddenly, a car turned over, and the motorcycle cannot control its speed. An accident happened. The person who rides the motorcycle flied and then fell down on the car. Ten minutes later, ambulance arrived. When they prepared to put him on the stretcher, he refused. Because his motorbike was forbidden to drive on the road at all, he had to pay the money to people of car. It sounds pretty miserable, but thinks it over: he knew that motorbike could not drive on the road; he could understand that he needed to undertake the problems; he knew it was easy to have an accident. But he still had driven out, and just wanted to enjoy the short time.

In the life, you may pay attention to many people who always try to feel out the underline of thing which was not allowed.

Until the problem appeared, we knew that needed to forbid at first. The young man who caused the accident; a boy who got into trouble; an adult who liked to take a risk, all of these people have the treasonous mind. So they hate to keep the rules. In their eyes, the rules and discipline are the line to truss people and make people have no personality.

When they meet a thing, they will try to find out the limitation of it, and then to decide which style they will choose to deal with. At the process of trying, when they touch the underline and accept the necessary punishment, they will never touch it any more in a long time. Sometimes, you want to return back, but you find that there is no way to walk.

We always despise that people when keep the discipline and we think that actions of them are timid.

You would rather to lose something than to under the arms of parents. You would rather to be an adventure man than to be a frank man. Actually, the adventure is not the courage. When you take a risk, you will find you have no confidence to finish it. You have not found the power to support your belief. You will if only you know that what you want; who you are and how to do, you can really have capability to survive in this society.