Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Australian Campervan Adventures

Taking an Australian campervan adventure will be the time of any travellers life. If this is a new experience then some helpful hints about campervan travel will help to make any trip a successful one.

Campervans are rather advantageous since the means of transportation is also the place where one can sleep, eat and bathe in. There is no need for hotels or going out to a restaurant which makes using a campervan rental a cost-effective travelling option for many visitors that come to Australia.

Travellers can discover a whole other side to Australia and enjoy scenic routes at their own pace.

Some tips for Australian campervan adventures include:

Setting a schedule. It is important to have a flexible itinerary. There should be enough room to visit multiple locations without cramming everything there is to see in Australia into the itinerary.

Being mindful of other drivers. There are many people who are looking forward to having a great Australian campervan adventure this year so make sure that all of the driving laws and regulations are known prior to hitting the road.

Stay on the left side. Australians drive on the left-hand side rather than on the right so when you get into the campervan rental, make sure that you are staying in your lane on the left side.

Campervan rental laws. Know what you need in order to hire a campervan. Be mindful that not all campervans are allowed access to all roads. Watch out for signs and dont worry as there are plenty of simple alternative routes that allow campervans to arrive at the desired location.

Being comfortable and studying a map will help to avoid getting lost and to find the destinations desired. Campervan rentals normally come with maps, atlases and in some cases GPS devices.

Buckle up. To make sure that this years Australian campervan adventure is a safe one, be sure to buckle up. According to Australian laws, passengers must be buckled in at all times while driving in a campervan.

Look for designated parking. Campervans have their own designated parking as they cannot be parked on the side of the road. Look out for campervan specific parking signs.

The weather conditions can vary. A safe driver needs to know a little about Australian weather in order to prepare for the road. People who are not comfortable driving in different climates should refrain from driving during the wet season.

Having an Australian campervan adventure can be an excellent option when travelling in Australia. It is a liberating experience to hire a campervan and see the country at ones own pace.