Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Embracing Island Adventures

 Aspiring sport fishermen can charter deep-sea vessels out of Honokohau Harbor and set their sights on the truly unbelievable fish that call the stunning cerulean waters surrounding the Big Island home. Most often employing catch-and-release techniques, Sport Fishing Big Island gives guests a chance to experience the majesty of Kona's thriving sea life such as the impressive Pacific blue marlin, whose weight can top half a ton, mahimahi and many other beautiful species. The reason for this rich and plentiful opportunity for truly unique and breathtaking sport fishing is the abrupt ocean drop-off that occurs immediately off the coast of Kona. This feature causes a highly accessible area of thousands-of-feet Deep Ocean, which is home to brilliant sea life, including innumerable fish. It is this natural element, along with stunning views, that inspires many to refer to Kona, and the Big Island, sport fishing "Mecca".

Guests are given the option to tag their well-earned catch and release it back into the depths or keep it for their own use.

Listen to the locals, though, and they will recommend experienced fishermen forego the big boats and deep seas and use their own trusty equipment at some of the smaller fishing spots. Piers, lagoons and tucked-away streams allow quiet contemplation while enjoying an old favorite activity but with a decided twist.  Vacationing in Hawaii can bring many glorious moments to treasure. A vacationer planning their dream excursion may invision romantic evening strolls along pristine beaches, picturesque waterfalls just waiting to be bathed beneath, and plenty of opportunity to relax in the fragrant tropical breezes. For any that may crave a spark of excitement, an up-close experience with otherwise unapproachable wildlife, Sport Fishing Big Island should not be missed. Imagine the intense rush as you catch that elusive, enormous fish and wrestle it onto the boat, then waiting anxiously as it is weighed and measured. It is sure to spawn some enthralling tales!

Those that develop a taste for the sport can participate in world-renowned tournaments or simply choose to keep their prized catch and mount it for lifelong memories and bragging rights. A perfect island visit does not have to just be about relaxation. Step beyond the beach and embrace some true island adventures with Big Island Sport Fishing.