Monday, October 26, 2009

Fathers Day Adventure Gifts

Father has to be an inspiring soul on earth for every child in one way or the other. All our characters are an extract from our father initially and then it goes on to change once we grow older. So father is our first hero in life and from then onwards our life takes a full circle in this earth. So gifting such a wonderful father should always be memorable and should be encouraging his braveness. Normally gifts are heart touching but people don't really go in for gifts which are adventurous or adrenaline pumping. Heart touching gifts gives real happiness to woman but when it comes to father the gifts can also be adventurous instead of being just hear touching. Such kind of gifts are the ones that you should decide to present your dad as fathers day gifts this year.

Okay I have decided to give my father adventure gifts as fathers day gifts this year but what should I give and where should I look for the details would be the next question.

Don't worry about it I will give you tips on selecting fathers day gifts this year. The adventure gifts are nothing but real time experience into something which your father would have never been to. Say your father would have never flown in a helicopter so give him a helicopter ride as an adventurous gift. Even you can surprise him with a hot air balloon ride which many of the elderly parents would really enjoy and get excited about.

Hot air balloon ride would be the perfect thing for the whole family to enjoy and it would be a memorable experience for everybody including you. Father always wants his family to be happy and smiling and the hot air balloon ride is one place where I am sure he will definitely see each and every one of your family members happy. So gift him a balloon ride which will take your family up above the skies and helps you view your city from an angle you would have never imagined to have. Even when you go in flights you will not get such a clear view of your city from a height which the hot air balloon delivers you. This is once in a lifetime opportunity for you to fly along with your family in the skies of your city and if you present this as one of your fathers day gifts to your father he will surely be the man in the cloud nine.

This is one awesome moment in his life, imagine your father cutting the birthday cake or fathers day cake in mid air flying in air. The pleasure is insurmountable and cannot be bought with any other thing that is available in store. This is one of the exciting, adrenaline pumping and adventurous gifts that your father would have ever received and I am sure he will love you more once you gift him this. So don't just wait for the day to come go and create some memory to it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Adventure Sport in Nepal

Nepal is quickly becoming one of the biggest adventure playgrounds in Asia. Many people travel here to discover more about the mysterious Himalaya and the beautiful culture it has to offer but more recently adrenaline junkies have been traveling to this enchanting country to get their next kick. And who can blame them; with so many sports on offer and the stunning scenery, where better to go than Nepal.

Listed below are a few of the action adventures you can expect to find in this surprising country...

Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking
Nepal has some of the best whitewater in the world, with rivers ready for first timers or experienced paddlers. Trips range from one or two days to two week expeditions, often paired with some trekking to get to the remote rivers offering a whole new experience. Depending on how daring your feeling, Nepal has rivers that will make anyone's heart beat a little bit faster!

Where better to go paragliding than Pokhara with a breath taking view of the Annapurna mountain range? After the takeoff (which believe me is the only scary part!) you'll be soaring in the sky with eagles weaving in and out of you.

Your only problem will be knowing where to look! With the mountains glistening in the sun on one side and the Fewa Tal lake on the other with the World Peace Pagoda looking on at you, you won't ever want to land! Most flights are half an hour tandem, but if you have more time why not learn to fly yourself? All the equipment is provided and guides are trained to an international standard. A great way to spend a morning in Pokhara.

Canyonning is quite a new sport to Nepal, and I must admit when I first got there I'd never heard of it before! Basically it is the sport of traveling down canyons using a variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, climbing, abseiling and swimming.

It is one sport that will get you completely off the beaten track but does require quite a good level of fitness. There are several sites in Nepal where canyonning is available.

Rock Climbing
With endless mountains in this country, it's not really that surprising that you'll find some great places to go climbing. And you don't have to go that far to find them, even within Kathmandu there are some great little spots (have a look at Narajun forest for example). There are courses for beginners or advanced climbers. It's a great way to fill in your spare days in Kathmandu and get away from all the traffic.

Mountain Biking
Although trekking is still the most popular past time for travelers, Nepal has some of the best terrain for mountain biking. There are some incredible tracks and trails to be explored and you won't be stuck in a crowd. Depending on your fitness you can opt for a one day down hill tour, or if you're up for it a week's expedition, (thighs of steel are recommended for this though!). Bikes can be hired locally very cheaply, just make sure you spend that extra 25p and get a helmet for the day as well!

In two weeks you can get a fairly good taste for adventure in Nepal. Raft, bungee, fly, bike, climb and abseil you way around this remarkable country. Just make sure you book your trips with a safe company, when involved in these type of activities you can't afford to skimp on your safety.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pattaya ? Adventure Redefined


Being one of the most happening tourist destinations in the world, Pattaya has been equipped with facilities that match all kinds of tourist interests. So, if you are looking for some adrenaline rush, tour Pattaya can be a perfect choice for a holiday. The place is interesting, fun and adventure redefined. 
If you have the daredevil streak lurking somewhere within you, a trip to Pattaya is the place when you can unleash it. Indulge in some sky diving and experience something that you have probably never done before. As you drop from over 4000 feet above the ground, you get to watch the beauty of Pattaya in all its glory. The mesmerizing sight below and the thrill of the fall will pump up your hormones and make you ready for more. You do not have to worry about safety, though. The sky diving infrastructure is flawless and you will be in experienced hands that ensure that nothing can go wrong. For adventure junkies, a trip to Pattaya without Sky Diving is like pizza without cheese. 
For party animals, tour Pattaya holds special treats. You might have spent endless hours partying in discotheques, theme parties and pool parties. Have you ever experienced partying in foam and bubbles? Tour Pattaya is where you get to enjoy this unique experience. In addition, you get great food, great drinks and great company. So, for some hard rock partying where you will not want to stop till you drop, take a trip to Pattaya and revel in the celebrations. 
If you have been enthralled by Tarzan who swings from tree to tree, them your travel in Pattaya has to include a trip to the Flight of the Gibbon in Pattaya. In the lush rainforests of the land, you get to fly through the trees on well secured infrastructure and watch the thriving wildlife from up above. This is one experience that is thrilling, adventurous and fun, simultaneously. For nature lovers and for those seeking some adventure, this novel way of travel in Pattaya rainforests is simply fantastic. 
Pattaya, being synonymous with beach tourism, doesn’t disappoint water sport lovers. The place offers everything from water surfing and sailing to scuba diving and deep sea diving. Make it a point to indulge in some of these water sports when you travel in Pattaya. You can also hire services of scuba diving instructors and learn how to scuba dive. 
Pattaya Park should be your destination if you want to experience the thrill of sliding through great heights and plunging into the pool right at the bottom. These water slides are not your average slides. They are really high and if you feel like screaming as you feel your stomach drop as you slide down, do it at the top of your lungs. Travel in Pattaya is all about letting go of your inhibitions and have thorough fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thrilling Torquay Holidays Adventure

Torquay holidays offer a range of interesting activities that tourists would enjoy and remember. These endeavours range from challenging sports like jet-skiing, water-skiing, diving, and sailing, to less physically demanding sports like swimming, surfing, and sports games. It is recommended to stay for a few days to maximize your vacation. Ensuring that you have a great place to stay is advisable. Any of the holiday cottages within the region offer comfortable lodgings and secure places for a night of rest and relaxation. From your cottage, you can then tour all the amazing places in Torquay and the neighbouring coastal region. You can adapt some of these activities for your Torquay holidays.

Museum Tours

The museums in Torquay are rich with antiques and memorabilia from the olden times that it will be a superb educational tour for your family.

From your holiday cottages, you can easily take a short trip to the local museums. Some of these museums sell mementos that you can bring home to your families. Aside from these shopping treats, you can also learn a lot about the history and culture of Torquay. The artefacts and works of art speak volumes of the ways and practices of the olden times which you can admire during your Torquay holidays.

Water Sports

From your holiday cottages, you can spend time in the clean, sandy beaches or immerse yourself in the clear, clean waters of the ocean. Your Torquay holidays can only be complete if you have taken part in the water sports that the coastal region of Torquay has been famous for.

You can go skiing, sailing, fishing, diving, surfing, and many more activities that you can enjoy. If you have a family, you can go picnicking along the sandy, golden brown beaches. A day of exploration in the caves and hidden coves can also be a thrilling adventure for your friends and family.

Playing Golf

Whether you are an amateur or professional player, playing golf is a wonderful endeavour you can do while on your Torquay holidays. From your holiday cottages, you can commute easily to the golf courses within the vicinity. You and your friends can participate while your family can enjoy the picturesque surroundings and go sightseeing. You enjoy fresh air and have a good exercise too. It would be an ideal way to spend your holidays; enjoying and keeping fit as well.


There are boutiques and gift shops you can easily visit from your holiday cottages from which you can buy mementos for your loved ones left at home. These are unique items which can only come for Torquay, like exotic fishing items and gewgaws which can remind you of your Torquay holidays.

If you are looking for adventure, then Torquay is the place to be. You can do all sorts of thrilling activities and have fun on your vacation.