Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get the Tickets to Explore Disney Fantasmic and Islands of Adventure

Disney Fantasmic is a show which is fully based on the world's most famous mouse - Mickey Mouse. Here you can see the mouse enjoys a dream and the images like undersea creatures are projected on screens of water. The plot of the story is very interesting and it has all the capabilities to captivate the audiences. If you wish to be see this show in Disney's MGM Studio then buy Disney Fantasmic Tickets at discounted prices. As the show goes on, the evil characters like the Evil Queen, Hades, Scar, Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, Frollo, etc attack the sweet dream of the mouse as a nightmare. The main villain being the Evil Queen, she tries to erase the existence of Mickey Mouse by the help of her magical elements but finally the mouse survives and wins the war.

Disney World Tickets presents another fantastic adventure which is known as Islands of Adventure. Generally this island is comprised of five islands which have different themes revolving around comic characters, mystical legends and cartoons.

Buy Islands Of Adventure Tickets and see at the very entrance the market is there and other iconic landmarks like Light House is also situated there in Port of Entry. The islands are Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, The Lost Continent and Seuss Landing. These islands enjoy the mystical legends, wonderful creatures of past, comic book characters, water adventures, etc.

Kids or even teens will love to experience the Dr. Seuss's comic book characters of story book which come alive in Seuss Landing. Likewise you can explore the characters of Marvel Super Hero. Moreover, the four rides of Marvel Super Hero Island include the incredible hulk coaster, the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman, Storm Force and Doctor Doom's Fearfall.

Toon Lagoon is the best spot for summer and it is the water park where you can experience the watery adventures. It has lots of amazing rides like river rapids ride, traditional flume ride, etc.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Islands of Adventure Play Areas For Kids

The Universal Studios theme park in Orlando is another masterpiece of how they incorporate movie magic and how the fans can join in this magic with its rides and attractions. There are four theme parks to choose from namely Universal Studios Florida, Universals Islands of Adventure, the Wet n Wild Waterpark and soon to be opening The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Islands of Adventure. We would take a look right now on some play areas for kids that you can find in Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Jurassic Park Discovery Center - This is the perfect area where you can discover about prehistoric times where dinosaurs rule the earth. Both kids and adults can enjoy the exhibits and displays that can be seen around this area. Some of the highlights you can see are testing your DNA if you would fit as a ruthless carnivorous dinosaur like the Velociraptor or the T-rex or some the tamed ones like the Stegosaurus. There are even some nurseries where you can find some dinosaur eggs and even witness a baby velociraptor come to life. You can learn as well how dinosaurs see and hear the world. Test your knowledge about dinosaurs as you answer some questions in the quiz show game You Bet Jurassic. Of course marvel at some of the fossilized remains of your favorite dinosaurs such as the T-rex and many more.

Camp Jurassic - This play area is perfect for kids who are hyperactive and be able to play in an area with a prehistoric themed environment. Kids can walk down the Thunder Lizard Trail and be able to make the ground roar with its dinosaur sounds. They can use the water cannon in the containment paddock to create a crazy wet fight. Finally for a more adventurous kid, they can explore the area through the dinosaur capture nets, whisk away through some variety themed slides pass through suspension bridges. Also nearby are is the Pteranodon Flyers which every kid can enjoy flying through the air.

If I Ran the Zoo - Another play area where you can be able to imagine yourself as a zoo manager. Use some knobs, gadgets to turn and twist as you would be able to discover some of the unique animals that you would find in this area.

Me Ship, The Olive - Imagine yourself like Popeye as you take charge of this ship. This interactive ship has an obstacle course that kids are capable of playing around through cargo nets, slides and even horns to toot and bells to ring. There are even water cannons to use to squirt some passengers that bother this ship.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Step in Disney's Famous Dinner Show & Wild Adventure

At the proximity of Walt Disney World Resort, Arabian Nights dinner show is held in a big theater. This dinner show is famous in Orlando and in the world as well. The performers are well trained horse riders and actors. The impeccable acting of the characters creates a perfect medieval atmosphere with the knights and the horses. Just see how the fairy tales come to live. The whole drama centers round the main theme that is the love story of a princesses and a prince which results into a grand wedding celebration.

Arabian Nights dinner show is performed in the world largest climate controlled equestrian arena with one thousand and two hundred seated facilities for audiences. The attractions of the show include chariot races, bareback riding, etc. And the performer horses are from around the world. Almost thirteen breed horses can be seen in the show. The types of the horses are Arabian, American Quarter horse, Andalusian, Appaloosa, Belgian, Canadian Warmblood, Donkey, Lippizzaner, Paint, Percheron, Standardbred, and Saddlebred. Around two dozens theme acts has been played in this dinner show to captivate the audience since its opening.

Thus buy Arabian Nights Tickets and enjoy to the fullest. The great combination of show and the dinner increases its popularity day by day. However, the menu served during the show includes various mouthwatering dishes and gastronomic elements. Moreover, wedding cake is also served among the wedding guests as dessert.

Islands of Adventure offer many exciting adventures for the wild adventure seekers. People of all ages can visit this island to discover this world of fantasy. Kids find very interesting for the comic book characters like Dr. Seuss come to life in Seuss Landing. Buy Island of Adventure Tickets to explore the other interesting themed islands such as Marvel Super Hero Island, Toon Lagoon, Jurassic Park, and the Lost Continent. Every theme island has its unique theme of attraction. Apart from these, Islands of Adventure is a home to many dinning locations such as the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous. So buy these Disney World Tickets to enjoy the Disney magic and Disney adventures.